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What Makes Talon Tru-tips Different from the Artificial Nails I Buy in the Store?

Talon Tru-tips are like no other artificial nails you can buy! They are made to exacting standards from space age polymers. While they are extremely durable (We are confident they are among the most durable nails you will ever buy!) , they also "breath" so they are safer for your natural nail. They are the most natural looking nails on the market and they come in an array of sizes which further enhances the "real" nail effect. Finally they are finished with a multi-coat acrylic finish of similar quality to that used on fine automobiles.

Compare a set to the press on or other faux nails that you can buy in the grocery or drug store. You will find that the strength and structure of the nails hardly compare. Check the fit and polish - again , contest. Talon Tru-tips have been carefully designed to look like real nails how ever you decide to style them. They are designed to wear for extended periods of time like acrylics that you would have put on in the beauty shop but they can also be used for special occasions and with a little care, removed and used again the next time you need them.

Treat yourself to a pair and you will never want anything else!


Will the Color Wear Off?
While it is always possible to scratch or damage the finish on your nails, Talon Tru-tips utilize a baked enamel finish. This is the same process that is used to paint automobiles and we have found that it produces a beautiful, resilient finish that resists scratching and chipping and looks great for a long time.



What's New?

New Product!

Talon Adhesive Dots are a perfect alternative to nail glue for a quick and easy temporary application.

Talon Adhesive Dots
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- Penney

Talon Adhesive Dots

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